Cam plus recordings

Ok I have cam plus enabled on two v3 cameras, when I check events it shows recording and gives the length of the video. When I try to view the video it will only play a portion of it, it says video clip is 2 min 42secs but only plays a 27 second clip. The app will never play a clip longer than 33 seconds or so. Also it’s not that it freezes or just won’t play, it shows the entire video clip played and gives you the button to replay or download. On the clips before they end you can see people walking around so it’s not like the motion or trigger is gone. My question is how to download and play the longer clips that you pay for on cam plus, it’s still better than the 12 sec clips and no cool down but I want the full clips

Interesting it should play from the event,hit the down arrow on the event window and it will download to your gallery on your device,also I would try to power cycle your phone and also sign out of your app and then sign back in,I just looked at a few of my events and mine play with no issues