Cam 3 events recording time


I’m sorry if the question was already posted, but i can’t find the post. Anyway, i have an issue with all of the events recorded are max 23-28 secs long, no matter if the subject is still in motion and withing the detection zones.

I have Cam Plus and an SD card in the cam. The events videos are that short in the playback too. Am i missing something?

@chips, welcome to the user community forum!

My V3 are all recording up to the 5 min max. Have you tried increasing the sensitivity of the cam to see if it will record longer?

Do you have it set to activate for all motion or just for Smart AI events?

For the uSD recordings, you can switch over to Continuous so you have a full record.

Hi @SlabSlayer, thank you for your welcome and for reaching out.

I have increased the sensitivity from 40 to 60% a few days ago, but there’s no change in the lenght of the videos. The detection is set for all the motions - normal and AI event. As for the SD i would prefer to have only events recorded to save space on the card.

What size card are you using in your camera? If the card gets full it just starts writing over the oldest file first. I’m using a 128GB card in the V3 cams, recording continuous in HD and they will start writing over in 11-12 days, I haven’t tried to see how many days it will record continuous in SD yet but probably about 3 weeks?

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Hi, chips. I suggest you do a simple test, if you haven’t already done it. Stand in front of one of your cameras and flap your arms like a chicken. Do this for at least one minute. You might feel stupid, but keep reminding yourself that this is a scientific experiment. If your camera stops recording the event at 23-28 seconds, you have confirmed that at least that camera has a problem.

Please let us know the results. And it would be great if you also showed us the recording. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am running 32GB HE Cards @ SD quality and have a scosh over 7 days history on Continuous. HD cuts that in half.

Not sure what to tell you on the short videos. I have 12 cams on CamPlus, all recording All Motion Events as well as a combination of Smart AI events. All are sensitivity between 60 and 75 depending on how far away I want them to trigger on motion. I have all the motion only events filtered out in the events tab so I only see the Smart AI events. Many are short duration, but there are those that do run in into several minutes up to 5.

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