My new (Oct. 2023) OGs only taking stills (no video)

I just purchased 2 OG cams, 2 Cam Pan 3’s, and a telephoto (October 2023). I get live stream in 4k beautifully, but the events only show a single still image when there is movement. When I go to the event and tap the play button, I only see and advertisement for Cam+. I upgraded to the most recent operating system on each cam. I do not have micro SD cards in any of them, but am amenable to purchasing them. Any thoughts?

I have several older cams that take 12 second videos and even have two Cam+ subscriptions for two of my older cams. So, I am pretty sure it’s not user error, but you never know. Help is appreciated.

FYI, OG’s are only 1080p, not 4K

That means you don’t have Cam Plus. Cloud events only show up if you have a Cam Plus subscription.

This is the way. If you insert a MicroSD card, then you can go watch the video recordings for free on that without a subscription.

Yep, if you have Cam Plus Lite, then the older cameras (V2’s, V3’s and Pan v1 and Pan v2) will record 12 second videos. However, Cam Plus Lite doesn’t work for the newer cameras

It’s not user error, per-se, just a misunderstanding. The new cams don’t work with Cam Plus Lite like the older cams do. You could assign the Cam Plus Subscriptions to your new cams and then they’ll get cloud events too. Or you could use a MicroSD card and watch videos on that (the thumbnail pictures should automatically link you to the video on the SD card for you).


You are awesome! I suspected some of this and am super glad you confirmed. Do you happen to know if there is an SD card size limit? Thanks.


Officially, Wyze Cam’s are tested for up to 256GB. You mentioned the OG’s, so here’s the source for that one:

But many people, including myself have used cards even bigger than that. I have used up to 512GB MicroSD cards. I think someone else used a 1TB card successfully.

Anyway, almost any size MicroSD card you want should be fine. If you’re wondering how big of a card you might want, a general rule of thumb is that you’ll get ROUGHLY 1 day of continuous recordings (without nightvision) for every 10GB of storage…you’ll get more if you use nightvision, and way more if you set it events-only instead of continuous recording. So a 32GB card will roughly give you just over 3 days worth of recordings, and 128GB card will give you about 2 weeks worth of continuous recordings (again, WAY longer if you set it to events only).

How far back you want it to be able to go, depends on your use-case.

I hope that helps!