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Brand new user. I have a v3 camera along with Cam Plus. I’ve gotten a couple of motion alerts, but all I can see is a snapshot, no video. I have the cloud service as well. What am I missing?

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Did you mean a V3 camera or an OG camera. Are you paying for Cam Plus or using Cam Plus Lite?
All the cameras have the “Cloud Service” but if you do not have Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite (Which does not work with the OG Camera) all you will get is a snapshot photo. If you have an SD card in the camera you could tap the snapshot event and it should take you to the recorded event on the SD if you have one.

Thanks for replying. As I said, I’m brand new to the system, so forgive my mistakes or dumb questions. I have the v3 camera and Cam Plus which is on the 3 months free plan. Do I need to add an SD card to see the video?

No you do not need an SD to view cloud events on the Events Page of the app but I would strongly suggest you get an SD card and put it in the cam and set it for event recording or Continuous Recording 24/7 which is what I have all my V3 cams set as.
I don’t know what the Free 3 month plan is but you should open your WYZE app > go to account on the bottom right side > go to services and tap that and see if your camera is listed and assigned in the Cam Plus Section like this shot shows.

Yes, it is listed there.

Does your Events Page look like this ?
Just tap the picture and the event video should play.

It does, but it shows a green box around where the motion was detected, But it’s a photo, not a video.

I am thinking that the Cam Plus is not activated???
If you open the Camera to Live view on the top of the page you should see a C+. Tap it, It will either ask you if you want to assign the CP or if you already have Cam Plus it will show in the pop up message box as shown second shot.

It shows I have Cam Plus.

Got me??? Are you using the current iOS app 2.41.5 (5) ? You can check if you go to account > bottom of the page (About) it will show app version. While there go up one to app setting and clear all the cache.
Last resort you could call Customer service and tell them your issue with your Free 3 month CP that doesn’t work.
You have about 1 hour 45 min more to call. 206-339-9646 or 1-844-999-3226.
I am out of ideas but maybe someone else and contribute .

*** Does your cam have firmware version ? You can check by going to Settings >Device Info.

Ok, I appreciate your help.

Good luck, hope you get your issue resolved. I’m over 70 and every time I see something that states it’s FREE I just cringe. :astonished: :grin:

I got it figured out. I had to change the app setting to record motion events and improve my wifi signal. Thanks for your help, sir.

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Glad you got it working. Yes have the settings to record events, you can set it to record all motion or just things like people, pet, package, vehicle. Vehicle is a pain in the A** because even if the the vehicle is parked in the driveway and something else sets off the cam and the vehicle is in view the event will say vehicle. Need a good Wi-Fi for sure for up and download. Just keep playing with the various settings and ask more questions as needed, some smart folks here.

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Please be aware that unless you cancel the individual cam 3 Month Free Cam Plus plan prior to the final day of the 3 month term, it will automatically renew at the new, higher price, monthly rate and charge your credit card every month.

If you want to keep Cam Plus monthly, this is fine. But if you want to convert it to an annual paid subscription for a cost savings, you will need to do that manually.

Yes sir! Thanks again!

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