Do I need an sd card to record?

I have a new v3 and set it for camplus.
Cannot playback anything

If you are trying to play back events (from the Events tab), that is all cloud based. If you are trying to “view playback” from a camera main page, that does require a uSD card.

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Starter questions… Did you activate the cam plus license on these cameras? And di you check under Account, Services, Cam plus… And do you see your three cameras listed with a renew date (some time in the future…)?

If so, when you go into the camera itself… and click on the top right gear icon, do you see the words Plus under “event recording” and “notifications”? If not, you can try and go into those fields and change it so that it lists “PLUS”…

You may also want to consider getting a micro SD card as well… this way you can view the captured footage locally as needed for playback…

Your reply helped. Thanks! I didn’t know there was an events tab