CamPlus PlayBack Recordings no longer exist or working

Camera recording via CamPlus playback no longer working. The 14-day playback is what we pay for as part of the package. Now the APP is telling us we need to purchase MicroSD cards in order to watch the playback. So what do we pay for Cam Plus for? What is happening?

@ChipRockets - You can access your events stored in cloud in the “Events” tab at the bottom of Home page.

The “View Playback” button at the bottom of Live Stream is intended for viewing SD card footage. If you don’t have SD card, don’t worry. You can still view your past events in the Events tab (accessed from the bottom of Home page of the App)


@Canvas - could you submit a log and send log id to me?

I see, so the Playback for Cloud Events has been moved away from the individual cameras. I wish we had some warning as that clearly created some panic among users, myself included.

Thank you for the explanation. I can see the recordings now.

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