Requirement to purchase Cam Plus to use a feature that was part of the cmera features when I bought them

Recently I have noticed that I can no longer look at the full video recorded on my camera unless I subscribe to cam plus. I used to be able to view the whole sequence of an event that is recorded to my SD card, that is one of the reasons I purchased these camera’s. Now I get 5 seconds of video and cannot view the rest unless I subscribe to cam plus. That is wrong. Removing a feature after the fact is not a proper thing to do. That would be like buying a car and after a year the manufacturer started to require a subscription to run the heater/air conditioning after a short period.

Barring a malfunction or bug, you should still be able to watch the 12-second clip that has always existed, and if you have an SD card you can push the little SD card icon at the bottom of the Event clip window labeled “Playback”, which will take you to the exact same time on the SD card where you can watch for days, if you like. :slight_smile:

Your SD card should be set to Continuous Recording for best results. Note I am talking about the V2 & V3, as the Wyze Outdoor camera is a whole 'nuther beast. It runs on battery, and thus does not do continuous SD card recording.

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The functionality to watch the full motion recording from the SD card has not been removed. When you’re watching the 12 second (not 5) cloud event, you should be able to click on the “Playback” icon along the bottom (looks like an SD card) to view the full playback from your SD card, provided you have it configured to record.

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Odd my SD card records full event with or without CamPlus.

I have the 99 licenses for $99/yr. Unlimited CamPlus plan but some cameras I don’t use CamPlus on to save on data usage (uploads to AI)

ALL Cameras record full events on SD whether CamPlus is activated or not. On occasion the CamPlus will not upload the event and I get the dreaded upload event error but clicking view from SD has always worked and is my backup when CamPlus screws up.

What version camera are you using?

I only have V3’s, V2’s and one V1 Pan-Cam.

If it is a WCO (Wyze Cam Outdoor) those units are plagued with issues, glad I never got one of those.