SD card not recording

What are SD cards for in cams if they dont record. Before i started plus the SD cards would recoed now that i don’t have plus service on all cames they do not record. Does anyone know why?

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Because, probably, you were always looking at the Events tab, and SD recordings have never been located there. There have been changes to cloud recording (the Events tab) unless you opt in to CamPlus Lite for $0 or more.

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If you have an SD card in the cam and it is formatted properly and you have the settings in the app set so that it records either continuously or on motion, it doesn’t matter what tier you are on. The video stream from the SD card is accessible by clicking on the cam itself in the Home tab to get to the Live View, and then clicking View Playback to see what is on the SD.

If you are getting events in the events tab, either thumbnails for Basic, 12s for CPL, or full length video for CP…clicking that event to open it and then clicking Playback should take you to the exact video on the SD card for the event that produced that event.

I see you have the PanCamv1 tagged in your title. Here is my PanCam showing my SD card video back to 3\1:

If I go to an event that was recorded on the cloud by my PanCam, it looks like this to get to the SD Card Video:

If it is not working like this for you could you provide some details: app version, screenshots of your cam SD card recording settings, screenshots of the messages you get when you try to access the SD Card.


The record to SD Card settings have to be turned on in the cam Settings>Advanced Settings, at the top of the page.


the continuous recording supported via SD card seems to no longer be an option. when i try to set the 12sec recording to the card as it’s been for years, it’s now routing me to the CAM Plus URL . all the cameras are forced to image only. no more video to the SC Card. what gives?

All SD card features remain as they were. 12 second recordings - the Events tab - were NEVER stored on your SD card.