Events, video and photos

Have 2 V3’s outside. Understand that I need to upgrade to Cam + to continue recording video. However, we had 2 days where the camera’s were triggering events (can see them in my events tab) but no video OR photo. Should I at least be able to see a photo that triggered the event? And if I should, is there a way to get the photos?

You do not need to upgrade to full CamPlus unless you want full length video and no cooldown time.

If you are OK with 12 second video events and a 5 minute cooldown between events, all you need is CamPlus Lite which can be free.

Go to this Topic and start with the video at the top.

Yes, at a minimum you should have thumbnail photos. If you do not, something is not working right. As for getting that if it is not there, I can’t answer that. If you have an SD card recording, you should be able to click the playback to see the footage on the card that triggered the event.

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Shoot. Not running an SD card. Anyone know how to get the photo’s back?