Cam OG No Longer Record when Motion on SD...Why?

I have V2 V3 and now a couple of OG Cameras. I am extremely disappointed that before revisions V2 V3 recorded Motion Video to SD card and I could see that on the apps. Now the OGs informs me of motion but I can’t see it at all unless I get Cam+. This is a terrible marketing strategy and It makes me want to throws these cameras in the trash! So Disappointed in this change.

It is odd and not well thought out. I sometimes have a grayed out SD card and that cam plus push
I think it is when you click the alert.

Then if you go to the event page, it seems to not be gray and one can see the SD card is not gray. The whole time line is confusing. I don’t understand it compared to the V3. I could at least move the playback ever 5 second.

The need better controls.
A cheap cam is one thing but software should not go BACKWARDS!

Also my event are not playing sound on Pixel 7 and yes the slider is set to record audio and firmware was updated.

Recordings to the uSD card are totally independent from cloud based event recordings.

If you have uSD cards in cameras, you DO NOT need CamPlus to view the uSD card recordings.

Well this is true. They’re making it more difficult to just jump to the SD card. When I click on the event alert I shouldn’t be brought to a grade out image trying to sell me the package. Maybe the first or second time but I should be able to opt out of that. I want to jump right to view the event, not the thumbnail. They shouldn’t gray out the SD card on the bottom when clicking the alert. I shouldn’t have to back out and go to the events and then to the SD card. I don’t know why they change the interface for looking at the SD card as it’s not as precise.

I’m not sure I’m understanding where you are seeing that. Are you sayin sometimes the “playback” icon at the bottom of the event viewer is greyed out? Where are you seeing the cam plus ad?

If you don’t have any subscriptions, when clicking a notification or an even in the events tab it should either take you to the live view or a snapshot image of the event. Is that not what it’s doing?

What is preventing you (the OP) from seeing the SD card playback on the OG? The new ui moved the button to a “SD Card” button in the center-left of the app ui.

Yeah for me it’s really confusing what’s going on. Difference scenarios makes a difference screen. Sometimes I have an SD card. Sometimes I have a different message like playback. It’s all over the place with this OG version. I’m about ready to return it since I don’t have any sound on playback. All the company tells me to do is reset everything and make sure everything is up to date which I did. Played on VLC. Still no sound. I didn’t set up cam plus trial so I’m not sure if it’s actually recording sound and it’s just something on the scheme that they’re running with. Trying to sell you something you don’t need.

I’m still not clear how I got to each of these scenarios, but you can see there’s three different ways when I click on thumbnails and alerts that I could possibly see these. It’s very confusing. I just figured out I can pinch the sidebar to expand the clip to make it easier to navigate, but they didn’t do what they did with the V3 and have a little tutorial when you first install the app to show you how to use it. Claire should be disappointed that her papa dropped the ball on this one just for the money grab.

The new cam ui shows events below the live feed for convenience. You can hit the “Jump to SD” button to get to the SD card when viewing an event with that player. You can also hit the “SD Card” button on the left when viewing live view. This new timeline will show you where events occurred during the timeline. This is very convenient.

No dude, it is not right to have several different versions. I cant explain why sometimes it is Jump to and other times it is playback and other times it is SD card. They need to do a better job explaining. And sometimes the Playback is grayed out and sometimes clicking the sd card button does not work. I just shows the cam plus playback.
And why, despite having record sound toggled dont I have sound recorded? Not even static

All of the newer cameras are using the “new” user interface - V3 Pro, V3 Pan, and both OG versions.
Yes, the new UI is different. I would assume over time all the cameras will use the new UI - and certainly any new ones will. Yes, it is annoying to have some cameras on the old UI and some on the new UI.

BTW, personally I don’t particularly like the new UI.

" you don’t have any subscriptions, when clicking a notification or an even in the events tab it should either take you to the live view or a snapshot image of the event. Is that not what it’s doing?"

Yes and No, that is what it does but if you had a SD card in the camera it would go to a playback of the event that it notified you of and if you hit play, it say “Would you like to Start your free trial of Cam Plus.” Before on V2/V3 Cams you could play like 12s of video and “IF” you wanted longer then you need to subscribe. Now if you don’t subscribe, you get no video on the event. In Fact if you go to your constant stream and try to play the video over the event, they make the video jump past it and you can not see it at all, its dirty pool if you ask me.

But it is only one app so why wouldn’t them just match all the cams? It is not a better ui.
It is changing for the sake of changing.

I would assume that the different UI requires different firmware in the cameras - hence the reason that only the newer cameras (so far) are using the new UI.
I have no inside knowledge on this, only my own speculation.

Wyze has said they are testing the new ui in a small amount of cameras (the new ones), and if feedback is positive after adjustments etc, they may roll it out to other cameras.

In my opinion the new UI looks nicer, is a bit less buggy than the old, and I really like (though they aren’t perfect) the new sd card and event viewer components. But not everyone does so they are looking for feedback.

Wyze released cam plus lite a while ago, and you are required to switch to it if you want the 12s event videos. It is a pay what you want, even free subscription.

AFAIK notifications have never taken you to SD card playback.

And I’m just the opposite - I specifically do not like the new UI for SD card playback. Specifically that if you roll the phone to landscape (what I regularly do), you lose the ability to scroll the time (except with the 30 second buttons). and even in portrait, you can’t zoom out the time scale, so moving 10 hours for example is far less convenient.

SD card playback should not have been this inconvenient. Instead, when you click on the motion alert snapshot, it should just retrieve the recorded events and start playing. Right now, there is an extra step, first you click on the motion alert snapshot, then you have to hit the SD button in order for the video playback.

What I am saying is you get a notification on your phone that your camera has detect motion or sound, ok. you click on the and it will take you to the event, not before it would play 12s of the event, and if you wanted longer then you could get the cam+. Now it takes you to a Picture and if you click that it pops up a ad for cam+ and you can not get past it. So the interface has change, not better in my opinion, I would think if you put cards in your camera, the interface should show you the video of the event not pimp for their services constantly.

30 second buttons are useless. I have found that even with their 12 seconds previews with my V3 you can miss a lot. It only takes 5 seconds to miss something. I’ve had people walk into view in the distance doing nefarious things that I would not have found if I didn’t go through the entire footage.
Jumping every 30 seconds does not help. Having a speed control like competitors cameras would be better. Just allowed to scroll through at a faster pace two times/ four times/ 8 times

I agree that can be inconvenient, but isn’t that the same as with the old UI? You still had to click a cloud event in the events tab, then hit playback. Now you can hit a cloud event in the display below the live view, the click playback.

Alternatively you can go straight to playback from the live view page and scroll to wherever it says motion is detected. Is that not working for you?