Minimum size SD Card to view last 48 hours?

Hey guys, I just bought a couple of the v3 cams, I have never used a surveillance cam before so please bear with my stupid questions.

I would like to view only the last 48 hours at any time as we are always at home so we will know if ever there should be any incidents/intruders so last 24 hours will be all we would ever be needing.

Can anyone tell me what minimum size SD Card I should get for last 48 hour viewing please? Thanks.

hello @fonzhende1 and welcome to the community, I do not know what the smallest size would be but I am using 32 GB cards and get 2-3 days so you would probably be good with that size


And that’s in HD mode. Switch to SD mode, and you can get 7-8 days on a 32 GB card.


Great, thanks guys.

How does it work though, Will there be anything I will need to be doing on a regular basis like maybe deleting whatever’s on the card every couple days?

We should have the 2 installed tomorrow on our detached Garage. It’s purpose is only to monitor both sides of the Garage and yard and if there should be something suspicious on any given day then we can look at the last 24 hours, hope I have explained things better this time.

No deleting is needed, it will just overwrite the old as the space fills up. You will just need to set up continuous recording in the app. If you do not need full continuous recording you could also have it record ‘events only’ to the SD card and you would have much more than the last 48 hours worth of events


But with Events only, you depend on the camera deciding that there was an event and triggering the recording, where with continuous it just records everything. :slight_smile:


Thank you guys for all of the help and info!

So we hooked up the cams yesterday and so far so good. Only issue is too many notifications, I have noticed an option for “persons”, how can I set it so the notifs will come only when a person approaches the doors under the cams please?

Another thing to add to what these wonderful folks have already stated is that thinking about “high endurance” id say is a must. Since the SD cards get written to a lot saving footage, “high endrurance” SD cads can handle that process better and last longer than regular sd cards.

You can cut down on notifications by creating detection zones, lowering your sensitivities, or using like say the person detection you mentioned. If you notification settings for the camera you can enable person only. The way the camera works is it detects motion based on your detection and sensitivity settings and then uploads a clip to the cloud where it is then analyzed for persons and then you are notified based on your notification settings.

Here is the support pages for the V3 that has a wealth of info about the features and functions of the camera.


Thanks. Do I need the Cam Plus to do this? Since the trial was activated upon installation I don’t know what the initial App’s capabilities are. I am not seeing any info here?

Cam Plus only affects cloud clips (clips under the Events tab). It does not affect SD card recordings (available from the Playback buttons) or other camera capabilities.

Cam Plus (available on clips under the Events tab)

  • Breaks 12-second barrier on cloud clips – so unlimited cloud recording of events
  • Has no 5-minute cooldown on cloud clips – so back-to-back cloud events can be recorded
  • Has AI identification of cloud clip motion (person, package, vehicles, pets)
  • Gives you 2x and 4x event fast-forwarding for cloud clips on the camera with the license
  • Provides access to Wyze Web View

So the opposite of all those are the normal capabilities.

SD Card (available from the Playback buttons, requires purchase of SD card)

  • Breaks 12-second cloud clip barrier by giving you unlimited SD recording of events
  • Breaks 5-minute cooldown of cloud clips by giving you unlimited SD recording of back-to-back events

Thanks. In that case, since I won’t be needing any of those features best I uninstall it right now but looking under “Account”, I am not noticing an option to delete cam Plus, can anyone guide me please?

If you want to terminate the Cam Plus license, the way I do it is log onto, go to My Account, Edit the Cam Plus licenses, and click “cancel subscription”.

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Not seeing any editing option in my account, all I am seeing under the Account tab is to “Add a subscription” then if the “Subscribe” button and if I follow that it will lead to purchasing.

Start in the upper right corner:

Right but when I click on My Account this is the next screen below then I see my previous screenshot

Are you logged into the same account you have your cameras assigned to? (The one you log onto your Wyze app with?) That looks like an account that doesn’t have any Cam Plus licenses.

Remember also that trial licenses are not listed and don’t need to be cancelled because they don’t auto-renew.

Yes, that is my account with the cams. So maybe as you’ve stated above since it’s the trial version running right now there’s no option to uninstall.

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2 things please guys.

I am attempting to turn Night Vision ON but when I tap on the icon a screen pops up showing “Try leaving Night Vision Mode off”, why is this please?

Also, is there any way for me to turn off the cams temporarily whenever/if I should ever need to, I mean from my phone instead of having to disconnect the power cord?

If you turn night vision off you will have the color starlight night view if there is enough light in the area. Turn off your cam from the app: Just tap on to off.


Thanks but sorry not understanding.

In my case simply put would you guys recommend I turn on night vision?

Sorry I should have explained about turning OFF the cam, when I turn off I don’t want anyone else on the shared system to see anything too so I am looking for some sort of Admin option for my phone to be the master phone which will turn the cam off/on, is this possible?

On one of our phones here without Cam Plus it is not showing the “Person” option, does this mean that option can only be had with the Cam Plus subscription please?