Minimum size SD Card to view last 48 hours?

Night vision on or off is a personal choice depending where the cam is inside/outside and what it is looking at. If you want to turn the camera power off buy a smart plug, connect the camera to the plug and then you can turn off the power from the Wyze app, if you buy a Wyze smart plug. I have Kasa smart plugs and I can use the Kasa app to turn off power to my cameras from anywhere. I know nothing about sharing rules.

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Ok thanks. So I am guessing the PERSON option does indeed belong only to the Cam Plus?

Not if there is enough light in the local area (yard light, perhaps) to make the normal daytime starlight sensor work effectively. Try switching from Night Vision (B&W) to normal daytime starlight sensor (color) at night to determine what works best for you. I prefer the starlight sensor, as most people do who live in suburbs.

As an example of a difference, my jet black winter coat reflects IR so well it appears white in night vision. Contrast telling the cops that a guy in a white coat just tried to break into your house with telling them it was really a person in a black coat (or red or whatever), which the starlight sensor would have told you if there is enough local light.

If you are signed up for Cam Plus Lite, it will also provide person detection on a V3.

If you are sharing your camera, the only way at this time to bar shared users from turning the camera back on is a smart Plug at the wall outlet.

You can vote for this wishlist item to hopefully get more control in the future:


Appreciate all of the info. I think the main problem I am having right now is still way too many motifs even though I have Persons selected

Yeah guys way too much notifs on our phones. Just tell me this please and I will be done with this thread. Since I will be installing an alarm system inside the garage. Can I simply just turn off notifications and use the cams for live monitoring only and nothing else?. If yes, how do I turn off notifications as I am not seeing that option on my phone?

Notifications ON:

Notifications OFF:

K thank you, appreciate all the help with this guys!

If you just want to detect person go to settings> Event Recording>Smart detection. Turn person on and all others off. Go back to settings>Notifications and select WYZE AI Events only. This will give you notifications of people only on your cam plus cam.

Thanks. Please see screenshot of my phone, under which tab can I find “Settings” as I am not seeing any? Only see “App Settings” which is not it.

Open the app, Open the camera your are dealing with to Live View. Tap the gear icon top right, that will take you to settings.

Thanks but does not work. I did exactly as stated and re-enabled Notifications. Now every few minutes I am getting “Complete motion on garage side door”, I think it’s picking up the flapping Gazebo netting whenever the wind blows.
I had thought the Person option with Ai technology would pick up only “people”.

Really??? Did you turn All other motion events OFF like this:

I had turned the last 2 options to off as you had advised but rechecking now for whatever reason the they were ON. So I turned off again, will report back. Thx.

I just checked again, so the front driveway cam seems to be working fine with the notifications, it is just the side cam is still picking up the gazebo net’s movement as a person so I guess nothing can be done for this cam.

Hey guys, how you all doing? Just one question at this time please. Now that the Cam Plus trial has expired I am not getting the notifications of any events anymore, does this mean that notifications work only with the Cam Plus option?

I had 4 cams that did not have cam plus and they always sent notifications of all events. I recently put them on cam plus lite and still get notifications. If you want cloud videos you should at least get cam plus lite before Feb. 15th.

Now that Cam Plus is inactive. The Front Cam is showing as “Offline”, any idea why or how to fix this please?

Also, with the Push notification “enabled”, I am not receiving any notifications anymore?

There are probably a dozen or more other post about members not getting notification and their cameras showing off line when they in fact are on line. Does you camera work in live view? I don’t have those issues and don’t have time now to read all the other post about those subjects. Do a search or just scroll down the forum page, you will find the post.

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Hey guys, I about to order the 64gb SD Cards, can anyone confirm if it’s the “Micro” SD Cards I will be needing like this please and is that a good brand?

I prefer these. You should get a high endurance card if you are going to do continuous recording: