V3 Cam SD card size?

Hi, UK user here and have been since Oct 21. Generally quite pleased with the two outdoor cameras I have. One with upgrade package one without. The former always seems to be a bit more"stable" than the other one :thinking:.

My current SD card in the non- upgraded cam has basically ceased to function. Can’t get it to work, tried to reformat both in and out of the camera etc. I have decided that the issue is the card itself so I am looking to get a new one.

My actual question is this. My understanding is that the “best” card to buy would be classified as High Endurance ( from a reputable supplier). However am I correct in understanding that it can now cope with 64GB rather than the 32GB that was originally recommend at time of purchase?

Yes, go with a High Endurance card. As you obviously know, the “official” spec until recently was 32GB max. I (and many other people) have used larger cards. I have used 64GB HE cards from SanDisk for several years with great reliability. I did test a couple cameras with one of the 128GB cards I normally use in my drone - which also worked fine - this was before the firmware update that officially allowed larger than 32GB cards. I think I heard someone was using 256GB cards, but I can’t confirm that.

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Thanks for that. Always good to hear it straight from someone who has tested it in the real world :slightly_smiling_face:

Just make sure you are running current firmware.

I’ve been running 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB cards with continuous recording for years on all cam types. I’ve also tested a 512GB card, but the larger the card, the more painfully slow scrubbing becomes. I just repurposed this 256GB card out of an old dash cam yesterday:

Thanks, again for the replies all. Who knew you could go to that BIG! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve got 512GB cards, and the cams seem to only want to use 40 or so GB of them!

@Seapup, dash cam, eh? Me too. Hint for you: I save an old failed Micro SD (extra) in my car, easy to reach. My dash cam helps keep me honest and a better driver. Because I don’t want to record my own stupid mistake. And to that end, I make sure I don’t make available to someone like “Jonny Law”, and incriminate myself. So, I insure that option is by my choice. If required/forced give up my recording, I am going to hand off the “extra” vice the one in the cam, even if I have to palm the good for the bad. Get me?

Who better to look after #1, but #1?

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256 didnt work, it was stopping at about 100gb for some reason, probably a software bug… but 128gb is plenty.

Highly recommend going to SD Memory Card Formatter for Windows Download | SD Association and getting their SD formatter tool. Its cross-manufacturer approved formatting tool.

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This appears to be known about and has been tested and discussed here:-


256 Gig cards are not fully supported at this time - Stick with 128 for now

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