SD card question

I put SanDisk 256GB Ultra MicroSDXC UHS-I cards in my 2 cameras and they formatted and work. However they only store 3 days worth of HD video and show up in the app as 32GB cards (29.71 GB). I would like to be able to cover a full week.

Yes I know about the Offical 32 GB limit but see others using much bigger cards…

Question is, if you have a larger card, does the camera utilize the full card? How many days worth?

Would mine perhaps utilize the full card if formatted in a computer? Any other ideas?

I’m about to order 2 more cams for myself and 4 more for Christmas gifts and have to decide on cards for them.


Depends on the brand of the card. I use 64gb Samsung high endurance card and it recognizes it. Do a search and note the brands and types of cards they are using.

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I just put a SanDisk Ultra USH-1 64GB in a version 2 camera yesterday and it recognized fine. I have another 64GB in a Pan Cam, but I don’t remember what brand it is and it also shows the size correctly. I haven’t tried anything over 64GB though.

How exactly do you check the size in the cam to make sure it’s recognized it? I installed a SanDisk 128gb high endurance micro as card when I got my cam the other day. Seemed to be working but formatted anyways. Things are recording but I’m not quite sure how check if it’s seeing the cards full size.

Live Stream->Settings (gear icon) → Advanced Settings → Local Storage


Card nerd :nerd_face: @Bam has a long-standing topic worth checking out…


Thanks! It’s showing 119.02gb available of the 128gb so I guess that’s fairly normal.

Thanks again!