Cam og basic gone?

Has something just changed with the CAM OG camera?? Just the other day I noticed that I can no longer view VIDEO’S thru the app. LIVE VIDEO ONLY…

All the events of sounds, and motion are just PHOTO’s and when I click to view them, the app opens up to PURCHASE CAM PLUS?? the BASIC is now GREYED OUT??

I contacted a friend who’s installed 13 camera’s in his business and he never even realized it until I asked him and he is also experiencing the same thing for all of his camera’s…


No, OG cams are able to store event recordings for free on a microSD card, and you can view all videos on the MicroSD card on the app too, and download a recording of them.

They do not generally do AI detections (Person, pet, vehicle, package detection) or cloud events for free. What I am guessing happened if you previously had cloud events and now you don’t is that you likely received a free 3-month trial of Cam Plus with your OG Cam order, and that 3-month trial recently expired. I saw another user recently experienced something similar.

I will say that the OG’s should still work well without any cloud stuff anyway. They will still do motion notifications and show a picture of what it detected and you should still also link to events recorded on the SD card. Everything is still there and the usability is still pretty similar, it just doesn’t have person detection and cloud events without Cam Plus since those have ongoing costs to Wyze. This is why they the alternative of recording events to the SD card for free. I have used mine this way before I lent them to my brother for him to see if he wants to buy some for himself.

Otherwise, the OG cams have worked this same way since they launched.

The events should be linking you to the SD card though. I don’t have my OG cams installed at the moment so I will have to have someone else check and see if one of the new app releases broke the link to the SD card playback. For now, if you have an SD card, you should be able open the camera and click on a button that says Playback or SD card and view everything there.

I’ll see if someone can check and see why the event thumbnails are not linking people to the SD card playback.

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Neither of us ever had cloud storage, just SD cards.

We used to be able to click the photo and view the video but now it’s just a photo and when you click it, it takes you to the CAMPRO subscription.

The BASIC selection is GREYED out so nothing other than LIVE works (even then it’s EXTREMELY problematic whiling trying to connect ever since the last update.

Thanks for the clarification. I agree that it should work the way it used to for you (click the link/photo taking you to that event on the MicroSD card playback. I am pretty sure it’s a bug that it got greyed out and they will fix it.

I’ll bring this up to some people. Will you check for me and confirm whether you still have access to the SD card from the main camera live stream? Can you select the SD card from there for now at least?

I agree that they still need to fix it so the event links you to the correct place on the card, I just want to check and see if playback is still accessible somewhere else or if the whole thing got greyed out everywhere else too.

I have SOOOO Many issues that have started up right after the last APP and Firmware update (I have a video screen recording).

  1. EXTREMELY hard to get it to connect anymore to the live stream. Multiple codes .


  1. When it FINALLY decides to connect, whenever I click the LIGHT icon, the video freezes and it reconnects…

Both camera’s are doing the same thing.