OG cam: cannot view events without subscription

the new OG cam cannot view events without subscription even if there is local SD card. It is very disappointing. Since I have the local SD card installed, it should allow me to view the events recorded on the local SD card.

SD card function is completely separate from anything subscription ran. From the live view screen, click SD card on the left side of the center menu and it should show your timeline. What type and size of SD card is in the camera? What is your local storage settings set to? What does the camera say is the status of the card?

Here is am OGS without cam plus, and the SD card function works.


True,we have the cam + unlimited works just fine

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Iā€™m disappointed by this also. I can access the sd card video but it does not let me see the events or flag the events in the sd view. Am I missing something? Did the non og cams have this functionally?

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