Cam v2 broke and only saves photos now after you forced a Cam Plus trial on me

Changed wifi SSID, reconnected Cam v2, got a Cam Plus trial forced on me with no way to back out of it. Now the trial is over, the Cam only saves photos. It was on Cam Plus Lite and was saving video clips fine. Now the services tab in the Android app shows the cam is still on Cam Plus Lite, but it doesn’t save any video. There is no way to remove the cam from the plan and re-add it. I have also restarted the camera twice and still doesn’t save videos. Android app and camera firmware both latest. How do I even fix this?

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Try removing it from Cam Plus lite for a minute, back out, close the app, go back in and re-add it and see if that triggers it to recognize it has Cam Plus Lite.

I am wondering if when it automatically switches from Cam Plus back to CPL if there is a bug that is holding up the recognition. This will help us know.

Also, make sure the event settings are set up the way you want still (record an event when it detection motion &/or sound)…sometimes people find those were deselected and so no videos are being recorded from that.

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I must be missing something. How do i remove it from Cam Plus Lite? I go to Android app → Account → services, my camera is listed under Cam Plus Lite plan, and there is no option to remove it, or add a new camera for that matter. I go to the app on my iPad, it shows “add a new camera”, which is not there on Android, but also no way to remove the current camera from the plan.

I have forced closed the app on Android, cleared cache (not saved data because I don’t wanna remove my settings), but still the same result.

Forgive me if I’m misunderstanding, but just some clarifying questions:

  1. you want to remove the camera from cam plus lite, yes?

  2. are you speaking of cloud recording or sd card recording?

Just to be clear: if you remove cam plus lite from the camera you will definitely lose the video recording option, as recording to cloud is only available with a cam plus lite subscription.

If you were planning to remove it and then re-add it to try to sort out it not recording to the cloud then you can disregard that last paragraph.

Check your settings on the camera, somewhere in the settings (I forgot where, forgive me) but there should be an option to select to record videos or still photos. I’m not on cam plus light, and I remembered a few months back that was something you had to select in settings - if that’s changed someone will correct me, I’m sure. This is where you’ll see either photos or video clips in the events tab (cloud recordings).

If you’re speaking of sd card recordings, those can be found by checking the sd card, or by clicking the ‘view playback’ option on a cloud event or from the cameras live feed.

Hope this is somewhat helpful. Good luck in your troubleshooting!

There isn’t anyway to remove one camera from CPL. You have to remove CPL completely from the account then add it back. Very poor design on Wyze’s part.


This isn’t the question. The OP wants to re-establish the camera functionality under CPL after the expiration of the free CamPlus evaluation license. There isn’t any easy way to do this with CPL. The camera already shows as a CPL license but you can’t remove a license from just one camera, you have to delete the service and sign-up for it again and then add back cameras. It is a terrible design.


Hmm, that’s weird, I swear I just did this a couple of weeks ago when I was testing something for someone. Maybe I just did a workaround by switching it between CPL and CP or something. I’ll have to test this later (I’m crunching on a work deadline tonight that’s going to take me all night to finish in time).

@notbad for now, can you try rebooting the camera and see if that helps it refresh it’s subscription status to recognizing CPLite?

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From OP:

As to having to delete CPL, I have a camera that doesn’t show Person detection under CPL so I was trying to remove it and add it back but couldn’t. There just isn’t an option to remove the license. There is another thread that talks about the issue. I was eventually going to delete the camera and add it back but may not after seeing all the issues. I’ll just live with the one camera not doing Person detection for now.

Yea you have to delete the entire CPL sub, can’t just remove the liscense from some cams. For some reason it’s not the same liscense system per cam like the other services.


I have restarted the cam twice already before posting this thread but unfortunately it didn’t help

Thanks for all the replies. I’m going to try to remove the entire Cam Plus Lite plan from my account and re-add it to see if it works.

But for the record here are some screenshots of the problem:

As you can see, there isn’t even an “add cameras” button on Android. This support article clearly says there should be such a button:
There is also a thread from March I found, that talks about the missing “add camera” button that was supposed to be fixed??? Obviously it’s not fixed, or did they reintroduce the same bug a few months later? How to turn on Cam Plus Lite - #44 by rhousen

There is also a thread about the forced Cam Plus trial all the way from 2020. But I see Wyze doesn’t really care. CAM Plus Trial forced signup

Edit: just found support article regarding changing Recording Type to Video
But the option is literally not there as you can clearly see from my screenshots.

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Well I went to my account and selected edit plan, then “cancel subscription”. Checked on Android to make sure Cam Plus Lite is no longer listed under account->services. Then re-added the Cam Plus Lite to account, it showed up on the Android app right away, re-assigned the camera to it, now everything works properly, motion + person detection.

So, I guess it’s okay to go from Cam Plus Lite to Cam Plus. But it is NOT okay to go back lol…

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You can do what I did to try to get PD back

They removed the option to select video and picture to avoid confusion.

I could, but I’m disinclined to do so right now since I’m having issues with only one camera.