New WiFi, no Cam Lite Plus anymore

I have installed one v3 cam, and I signed up for Cam Plus Lite in January. Things were working well enough, could capture video to SD card, get notified of 12sec motion events, like that.

I installed a new mesh WiFi over the weekend, and re-installed the camera so it could run on the new router. That part is working.

But I can’t return my camera to be on Cam Plus Lite like it has been. I can no longer capture video, only images. When I try to select video, it takes me to the Cam Plus sign up screen. It doesn’t recognize that I already have a Cam Plus Lite subscription.

My Wyze account shows I am subscribed to Cam Plus Lite already, as it should be since I haven’t changed that.

I just want to get back to recording video, not images, like I have been. Only thing that has changed is the WiFi. It’s the app that won’t let me subscribe to Cam Plus Lite, and doesn’t recognize the camera as already having been subscribed.


Maybe you deleted the cam before reinstalling it? You just need to set it up again if you have a new network (without deleting it first). An easier transition yet is to just change the new router to your old network name and password, and then everything just works with the new router. But all water under the bridge.

So reinstalling the camera from scratch may have dropped the Cam Plus Lite selection. Go to Account tab > Services > Cam Plus Lite tab (at top). Then scroll to the bottom of your camera list, and press + Add Cameras. Now make sure every camera is check-marked. You won’t be able to check mark any camera that is on the full Cam Plus, but the others should be selectable.

Once the cameras are all check marked, go to the camera’s settings > Event Recording, and make sure your camera is set to Recording Type > Video.

See what that does for ya. :slight_smile:


Yep, that did it. Thank you for the direction, Newshound.

For now, I only have the one cam going, though I bought five. Problem is I need to run power for the other four. Rather, an electrician is going to need to run power to them; I’m not a sparky. Outdoor flex conduit, I’m expecting. It’s like the Firesign Theater album, “Waiting For The Electrician…”