Cam pan v3 only pictures

Hello all.

I just installed a new cam pan v3 and I am unable to see any recordings. All i am getting is a picture of the motion. Is this normal?

At the moment i have no plan just the app, everything is up to date, no storaged.

On the older version i would be able to see recordings of motion.

I think you will need Cam Plus now to view event VIDEOS since that cam can not be used with cam plus lite. If you don’t want to pay for Cam Plus I suggest you at least but a good quality SD card in the camera, set it for event or continuous recording so you can use the playback feature to view the event videos.

No way, its not supported.

Would you know if the older version v2 or v1 are still supported?

Thank you

Read the CP Lite info on this link. Toward the bottom it list compatible cams. You can chose a custom price of $0.00 for CP Lite. You will get 12 second videos.

The V2, V1 and V3 cameras are all supported for CamPlus Lite, as are the Pan V1 and V2. Anything newer is not. That means the OG and the Pan V3.

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