Unable to download event videos

Starting last night (7/17/19) I am unable to download event videos on 4 cameras on one account. Previous videos are viewable. Live stream and SD card playback are normal. I am able to download current event videos from 5 cameras on a different account. I’ve cleared the cache on all my iOS devices. All cameras are on the same firmware which is one version behind. App is up to date on all iOS devices. I am not at the location that is having problems and will update those cameras when I am at the location. However I wasn’t having a problem yesterday so not sure why a firmware update would help.

I found after updating the latest Wyze App (2.4.73), no Events were showing and no little red dot notifying of a new video.
Only after I completely shut down the Wyze App and started it back up, did the recent videos appear.
Seem to be another bug. Failing to pull videos from cloud.