Unable to download any events

Same issue all cameras , was working when previously used a couple months ago. The Loading label appears and just spins. Trying to download video from cloud / not using SD card.

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I just checked my V3Pro Video Events. A 24s event was downloaded to my system gallery in about 7 or 8 seconds. It gave me the momentary banner confirmation at the bottom.

What app version are you currently using and on what device? Do you have another device to test this on? What is your ISP download speed?

I saw another complaint of this, but am not able to reproduce. I will keep an eye on reports.

Thanks for reply

Wyze App 2.38.4.(3)
iPhone 11
iOS 16,2
Downloads consistently over 700

Checked on my wife’s phone same device and IOS as mine, same result just stuck in loading .

We have no other issues seeing live or reviewing events, just downloading

I am on Android and can’t duplicate this either.

Can you try on a different network? Cellular data is fine, or another wifi network.

same problem for me, just spins, if you try downloading like 3 times it eventually goes kinda hangs the app and video later shows up in your phone gallery

What app version are you on? Can you get an app log (account > Wyze support) and contact Wyze support, give them your log id, and explain the problem. They should be able to pass it up to the correct team