How do I save or share cam plus event videos?

I used to be able to save or share event videos prior to joining Cam Plus, now I cant do either.

Is this no longer an option or am I missing something?

I’m cross-eyed from trying to find a way to do it from the app on my phone as well as via online camera views and I havent been able to find a way to do it.


Did you try clicking on the event and does the share and save icon show up on the view?

Yes, I click on the event online and on the phone and those options are no linger there (they used to be)

If you’re using iOS, uninstall and reinstall the Wyze app and see if that fixes it (iOS has been having weird things like that sometimes and reinstalling fixes it).

Do those options show up when you pause the event video?


In the app, try clicking anywhere here to pause the event, like Carver stated.

Thx, I’ll ry the reinstall.

The options dont come up when I pause the video

correction, I cant pause in the space y’all mentioned at the webpage version but I was able to click in this area on the app on my phone and get those options but they don’t work and I get an endless spinning “Loading” circle: