CAM Plus & Events viewing clarification

I have two Pan cameras and have just been recording locally to the SD card. But today I decided to sign up for Cam Plus and want to make sure I am doing this right.

With my SD cards, I’m just recording everything so I didn’t have any Event Recording even turned on. But now since I want to use Cam Plus, I assume I need to turn it on to record when it detects motion?

And when I want to view the clips that it recorded, is there any place other than the Events tab in the app to view those clips? Would be nice to view it on the web somewhere.

Lastly, if there is a clip I need to save, can I save it anywhere? Or share that specific clip with someone?


I might be wrong but I think the answers are:

  1. Yes.

  2. No there is no other place to view events (except the TinyCam equivalent view of that same list) and there is no web or PC viewer.

  3. Yes you can save a clip while viewing it, to your local phone storage. When you click on the event video a small download button appears on the upper right.


I would add one thing to @Customer‘s very good response-you can also share the event as well as save to your device. There icon next to the download icon on the event viewing screen is their equivalent of the Share Icon. It pops up after the video ends or if you tap to pause during play.

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Interesting, that left icon does NOT appear in my version, but if I tap where it would be, I get a share functionality.

Oops, never mind, it was there but invisible over my walkway. :slight_smile: