Cam Plus on Cam V3

I have a new Wyze Cam V3 and am using Cam Plus. I understand that events only are recorded. But I am not getting any events recorded on Cam Plus. I can see the live stream and I can see events if I scroll back through the SD card recordings. My settings are set to 100% sensitivity. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Any help would be much appreciated.

So there are no videos in your event tab of the main page? What are your “settings → event recording” settings?

Cloud events and local storage are completely Independant of eachother, so that has a different set of settings.

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Hi. Thanks for responding. My event recording settings are both turned on, the detects motion and detects sound.

You need to click the Events tab.

Thank you. I am so sorry. The events tab, is that after hitting the Album icon, the two tabs are Videos and Photos? When I click the photos tab I see some of the test photos I took. But when I click the Videos tab, there is only one video that I took when I first hooked everything up. And there have been two deliveries made within view of the camera and I have taken my two puppies out on the front porch which is where the camera is. I don’t see any other tabs entitled Events. I must be a blind dummy!

Bottom of the main home page in the app.


Bless your heart! Believe me, it sucks to be 66 and not too smart with technology, but you helped me find it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Welcome aboard!

moment brought to you by the lack of good documentation :smile: