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I have just hooked up my new Cam V3. I do not have an SD card or it yet, but am able to see live feed on phone. I also have a Cam Plus license for it. How do I view the feed that is being recorded and kept in the Cam Plus “cloud”? Thanks!


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Welcome to the forums! Cloud events that have been saved are in the events tab off the home page of the app.


You can have it record the live feed to your phone but I wouldn’t want to pay you phone bill. Just turn on event recordings, detects motion and it will save motion events to cam plus, but not your live feed. Spend a few small dollars and purchase a good SD card if you want to record live feed.

This can only be done when the app is open and the live is being viewed, but it’s not a recording method like the SD card or Cam Plus.
You can also use this method to save parts of an SD card recording.

Thank you so very much for all of the information. It has been very helpful! God bless you!


You probably got the gist from the other responses but to be clear, there is no feed being recorded to the “cloud”. Only motion/sound detected "events* can be recorded to Wyze servers.

The only continuous recording in the Wyze ecosystem is the ability to continuously record to a camera’s own SD card.

Thank you so very much. After I setup the camera on my front porch, I had an Amazon delivery, but the event was not captured. So I changed the sensitivity from preset at 40 to 50. Is this the correct way to adapt? Change the sensitivity until I start getting the motion detected events? Thanks.

I would start at the highest sensitivity and go down from there. That way you arnt missing events in the process. Once you start getting events, you can dial back the sensitivity to a place of your liking.


Excellent idea! Thanks.

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