Cam V3 issues


First time asking a question so bare with me if this is not the right area to ask. I have (2) new V3 cameras but only 1 of them are installed. I linked it to my Wyze app on android and it seemed to be working fine. Lately, I have been getting alerts that something was recorded as an event, a “pop-up” tell me same on my notifications but when I go the “events” page…there is nothing there. If I press on the “pop-up” notification bubble, it takes me to the event and I can view. Question is, does anyone else have this issue where recorded events can NOT be viewed on the event section of the mobile app? I have tried everything to figure it out but am at a loss. Thanks in advance for any assistance.


at the top you will see a filter for motion. make sure that is selected. if you are a cam plus subscriber you have a few other filters too, but check on that motion filter and let us know if it populates

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Hi, I have this same issue. I went to the filters. No change that I can notice. Was something missed specifically in the filters

What are your Camera Settings?

  • Detection Settings
  • Detection Zones, on or off
  • Event Recording “Detects Motion” should be on
  • notification must be on as you are getting notifiations
  • In advanced Settings, do you use a MicroSD Card and turned on the record to MicroSD Card there.

Asking because, from what I understand, you can turn on record to MicroSD and not necessarily record to the cloud. @Bam is this the case? So you can check the card to see if your recordings are there.

Not sure this is what it is, but was curious.

Then in your events tab, make sure nothing is selected. if you see any of these boxes colored green, you have a filter turned on.

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After you navigate to the events page, tap the funnel icon at the top right, that will show the cam plus events that you have received notifications for. Don’t know why but that is how I view mine