Outdoor Cam not saving scheduled recordings to Base station

I am disappointed in the Outdoor Cam for all the reasons stated by others. I tried the scheduled recording feature and it only saves to the camera SD card not to the base station SD card. Am I missing a setting or is it not an option to record scheduled recordings to the Base Station?
Attached is a pic of my solution to the poor motion sensing of the Outdoor Cam. Sigh
Sure hope the shortfalls can be corrected. :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for any help or info.

Welcome to the Wyze community!
You can’t currently save scheduled recordings to the base station SD card, **only the camera SD card.**Wyze is working on ore features for the base station SD card. Right now, the card has to be removed to review video, he first step should be to change that!


I like your solution- if the motion sensors only worked consistently!:exploding_head:

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