App Support / Suggestions

I have been using the camera and app for a bit now and Love them. There are a couple things I was trying to figure out if already built into the app, that maybe I just can not figure out.

1.) Push Notifications per device, it would be nice to get notifications for a most devices, while allowing alerts for others to not pop up.

2.) Push notification for Smoke and Co2 alert also pop up, even if you disable push notifications. Or two settings for push alerts, motion, and Co2/Fire.

3.) a notification if a device has not checked it or has fallen off the network. A heart beat of even 12-24hrs would be great. I have been having an issue with one camera, and a blinking orange light, but do not notice it untill I try to use the camera.



  1. Not yet, but planned
  2. #1 will take care of that if implemented by device and by notification type
  3. I've added your request for this to Wyze's feature request tracker.