New features?

I absolutely love your wyze cam pan but I have a few suggestions that I think would improve it even more. Having a battery backup that would alert you to a power failure as well as keeping the camera active. Also having a built-in siren that would activate on motion detection and could be switched on or off at user discretion. Lastly, sending a text message saying what type of alert triggered the camera, ie motion, smoke, CO, or power outage.

There is currently a smoke and co2 alert function that allows it to send a push notification as well as a short video. Push is essentially the same as a SMS.

As for the other requests, if you look around the fourm in the road map, you can vote on them to be a potential future feature.

None of that helps if the camera can’t hear what’s going on, that’s my point

I believe all or at least most of these feature request are already listed in the #roadmap category. Please hop over there and search and then vote for them. If you can’t find any of them, you can submit them for inclusion. Please make any submissions single-topic.