Feature Request - Intelligent/Learning Notifications

So other cameras and app combinations already have this, and it seems an oversight for a newer player in the market to start without it.

  1. Intelligent notifications that know the difference between someone entering through a door or window versus a cat walking through the field of view
    1. More important is notifications that ignore dust, cloud cover changing the scene lighting or a light turning on in the scene (Canary has had that for two years)
  2. Learning Notifications - You'd have to have the first to have this, but it builds on the concept
  3. Zone - Perhaps it's not important that I know when my screen saver turns on and off, but Wyze is going to notify me because it sees the motion. Sure I could sacrifice functionality and turn down sensitivity, bu zones of sensing aren't a new concept.
If Wyze wants to be an innovator, just being smaller and cheaper isn't enough. Stripping away features and calling it innovative is laughable. Putting everything that you corporate competitors (Canary, Amazon, Nest, etc) have into a small package at a reasonable price. That is innovation. Otherwise you are just a gimmick.

So what will it be Wyze, do you want to innovate or be a fad. I hope the former as I have invested soundly in your tech.