Feature Request / Ideas / Impressions

Just got my wyzecam pan. It pretty much better than my IP camera I picked up a few years ago. That being said,

Some suggestions:

  • Add a slider for motion tracking like there is for motion alerts. I don't need it to track every little thing.
  • Make the motion alert settings a bit more granular on the high end or maybe a separate 'outdoor' setting / slider. I find myself needing it to be set somewhere between 95-98 and none of them are perfect.
  • Add thumbnails to motion alerts instead of that stock icon. Save everyone some time and bandwidth from clicking every alert and for when you're deleting alerts. Maybe have a toggle for this.
  • Add motion detection zones to waypoint locations when enabled instead of limiting to just a single static location.
  • Add option(s) to not track ( Pan / Tilt ) outside of waypoints. Sometimes it way overscans the motion tracking and I get a video of my wall or of the ceiling.
Those are my initial impressions regarding stuff I'd like to see.