Feature request: Alert schedules

Could you please add the ability to set up two different time frames in the alert schedule section. Would be nice to have a chunk of time at the beginning of the day and then at night when we’re home and moving around when it doesn’t give alerts. Thanks a lot!

And weekend schedule as well. Or a turn on / turn off button for when you leave the house and want to monitor movement/sound.

I like both of those ideas too

I love my WYZE cam, but to make the alert feature really work for us, I would need to be able to configure two (or more) time intervals to schedule alerts

Brand new Wyze Cam owner here. I LOVE Wyze Cam and came to the forums for this exact reason. Having the ability to set up an alert/iOS notification schedule in the app would be huge. I think this particular feature is a must, actually. I’m sure it’s being worked on but I just wanted to add my name to this request.

Again, absolutely loving my Wyze Cam. I ordered two more just today! Thanks!

thanks for your support! yes we just added the whole notification schedule earlier this year, so we’re still improving and adding more features based on feedback. glad that you love em!

that might be a useful feature to have. let me pass this on to our dev team. :slight_smile:


Yes, this would be super!
I would love to be able to program and toggle on/off between a few alert schedules.

If my awesome Wyze cams, phone and I were One, I would relish a bot that knows when I’m coming and going, recognize
me and my family (pets, friends, etc.), thanks the mailman, acknowledges the QR code of an expected package, etc… (…and sounds off an alarm when that package gets moved by a stranger…or sends a hungry Rottweiler after the punk.)

In the meantime, your easy-to-install. affordable products are giving us a way to secure our home and pets and make us feel a little more at ease when we run errands and have a real life! Thank you x a million. I’m ordering more soon and have been telling all of our friends about you!

thank you so much for spreading the word! we’re glad you liked your WyzeCams. I think it really might happen some time in the years to come that home security cameras and other IoT devices would be more integrated and smarter!

Another vote for more alert schedule capabilities- weekend / holidays… also would be nice to have a “disable” button that lasted 24 hrs/48hrs etc… need to turn off my alerts for the weekend is a pain in the butt. Otherwise love my Wyze cams

You have a great product. I just ordered two more cameras.

I would love to see you add a feature, like a PC app, that allows you to pull the video stream off the camera in real time as a backup to your PC hard drive.

Currently, other than the alert footage, all video is on the camera. If the camera was stolen or damaged the saved video would be lost.

Again, love the product.

Would it be possible for the system to know when i am home and not send alerts when my phone is in the area?


Other users have said they use smart plugs and geofencing to do this. That’s what I’m planning on doing. I’m going to use Geekbes mini plugs (3 pack on Newegg for $33) which work with IFTTT to set those switches to turn on when I leave and off when I’m home.

Hi, I bought my first wyze cam this month. first few days I was getting a lot of alerts so I changed my alert sensitivity to low and turn off everything else like sound, smoke, carbon monoxide. I am getting less alert but it still triggers with sound alert. It doesn’t capture everything as it misses a person some time but if I stay there in front of the camera for a while then it will capture me. Everything is updated. So is there a way to fix it or this is how it works. thanks in advance.

Dear Wyze team!

a lot of Wyze lovers ? have requested the „alert schedule“ feature; to have at least two or more „alert schedules“.

Any update on when this feature will be coming?

I’d like to see an ability to set up a zone. With my Logitech Alert cameras I can box an area and when something moves in that zoned area it’ll trigger an alert and also start recording. If I have the camera covering the street in front of my house, I don’t want an alert or recording every time a car goes by, but I do want an alert and recording if someone drives up my driveway.

I’ll add my $.02. If you’re going to add functionality like different schedules, they need to be by day also. Like, I only want to record motion 2-3 days a week during certain times. A matrix of days/times would be very compact and easy to understand.

Thanks and and keep up the great work on a GREAT product!

Just became a Wyze cam user this week, and I second everyone else’s request here for more flexible scheduling. The alert schedule(s) need to be by day and allow for multiple time slots per day. My thermostat (an old school $50 type) allows 4 different time slots per day and all 7 days can be programmed.

An acceptable alternative could be allowing “motion detection” to be triggered off/on based on whether I’m “home”. This may be harder to define but allowing Alexa to toggle this control could work too.

Love the product and App. I am a tech reviewer/writer and plan on writing about this in the near future. I need the ability to schedule notifications off for certain days (with a focus on the weekends). I was told this feature will be released in April but now I even have the Beta App and still do not see it. Can someone from the development team please provide a target date for this feature? Thanks