IFTTT and WyzeCam

I’ve seen the emails regarding the use of IFTTT and my WyzeCams. I’ve installed the applets, and configured them - BUT it appears the applet can only be configured for ONE camera? And I can only install the applet ONE time? So, effectively, I can only “control” one camera out of the several I have?

No, you can easily build applets for each camera. From the My Applets screen in the IFTTT app, tap the PLUS (+) sign. Then tap the +this link. Search for Wyze and choose a trigger (motion/sound/smoke/co detected). Configure the camera for the trigger and tap Create Trigger. Now tap the +that link and choose the action you want to happen when the trigger is activated. You can repeat this to set up separate applets for each camera.

Alternatively, if you want something else to trigger a Wyze action, follow the same process but choose a non-Wyze trigger at the +this step, and a Wyze action (enable/disable motion detection, record a clip, turn on/off notifications) at the +that step.

Well, apparently, I cannot add a Wyze applet that’s already been added…

Using the app on iOS, I follow your instructions (like I’ve done with others), search for Wyze, and when it’s displayed - it ONLY shows the applets I don’t already have installed.

I want to disable motion detection for ALL cameras when I’m home - or conversely, enable motion detection for ALL cameras when I leave. However, I’ve already added that applet for ONE camera - and trying to add another action does not show me that applet again to add it again for another camera. With the following applets loaded on my iOS device:

  • When Wyze detects a smoke alarm it will begin recording a video clip
  • Text me when motion is detected
  • Disable motion detection when I am home
  • Enable motion detection when I leave home
Only the following apps remain that are shown to add:
  • Motion is detected
  • Sound is detected
  • Smoke alarm is detected
  • CO alarm is detected
According to this https://help.ifttt.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001421514-Can-I-duplicate-an-Applet- you can't copy an applet, but must use their tool to create another applet, identical to the one you already have(?). And even trying to do that - I still only see the same applets I have NOT installed.

So - how can I disable ALL cameras when I arrive at home, and enable ALL cameras when I leave?

Sorry, but you didn’t follow my instructions:

“From the My Applets screen in the IFTTT app, tap the PLUS (+) sign.”

You are not adding an existing applet, you are creating a new one. Big difference.

  1. You must click the + sign top right corner of the MY APPLETS screen in IFTTT.
  2. From there, you will tap the blue "+this" link. For your needs, you will then click the "Location" service to add a location trigger (eg. "You enter an area").
  3. Once you have set up the geo area, you tap "Create Trigger".
  4. That will take you back to a page with the "+that" link. Tap the "+that" link and only then do you search for Wyze actions.
  5. Now you can pick the "Disable motion detection" action, choose the camera and save the applet.
  6. Repeat once for each camera, then repeat again for each camera for leaving your home/enabling motion detection.
  7. You will have created two applets for each camera, one for coming home and one for leaving home.
BTW, you can do all of this on the IFTTT website on a computer, which is really much easier.

Ok. Sorry - I quit using IFTTT about 30 days after it was introduced, and haven’t used it since. Interface was quite different - similar, but different.

I got confused, as I DID add these using the website and my account, and the applet “itself”, did all the relevant and pertinent questions to get it set up. After 7 years, I assumed (not good, but…) that the method for getting rules set up had changed over time.

Anyway, I found out what I needed, and can do a bit of testing, but this will lead up to a few other questions for both IFTTT and Wyze…

Glad to hear it.

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