Ifttt triggers and smartthings virtual sensor

Okay searched forum and not able to locate this specific info.

I would like wyze open/close sensor to change smartthings virtual sensor. I see virtual sensor as a trigger and wyze sensor as trigger but am unable to make virtual sensor action. If wyze opens then open virtual sensor, however I am unable to select virtual sensor. I thought it was a pretty simple recipe, lol.

I do this with virtual on/off for lights. If motion detected on wyze motion sensor, turn on kasa lights.

Thanks for help.

I use SmartThings with WYZE and so fast the only easy I have been able to achieve this is I have the WYZE motion sensor trigger a virtual SmartThings switch. Then using WebCore I have the virtual switch trigger motion on the virtual motion sensor and do anything else involved.

Thanks Jason, seems like a long way around, :joy:. I wish for smartthings integration or at least more options for via ifttt. I have voted for wishlist smartthings.

That’s great, I was just going to direct you there, seamless integration would be much better, until then I use the long way, can’t beat the price of WYZE so I make it work

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