Smartthings and Google Compatibility

Hello what is the ETA of allowing Smart Things and Google in to play with WYZE family. Currently Ring is compatible. I know IFTT has some routines but i think you are missing a market with Google Home/ Mini and Smartthings…




Peter M


Any update on when a SmartThings integration is coming?

I don’t need the video to integrate with SmartThings, just the motion events.

I’m currently using IFTTT to get the motion events into SmartThings but the IFTTT integration is unstable (I have to re-link it every few days)


I second the Google Home/Mini integration

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I would like to see direct interoperability with smartthings like Arlo has. Right now the cheapest motion sensor for smartthings is their own Wich runs just as much as a wyze cam. Would be nice to simply use the wyze cam as a motion sensor.

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Would love to have direct support for Wyze in Smartthings. but for now. Having IFTTT and Google Home supported is great.

So, Since Wyze connects to Smartthings and so does IFTTT, i set to to see if i could make this work. With IFTTT as an intermediary.

I first logged into the Smartthings IDE and created a new “Simulated Motion Sensor”
I installed WebCoRE which support listening for IFTTT webhooks, and created a piston, with a 5 min delay, as that is how often the camera sends events.

I then created an IFTTT Applet that seends the web call to WebCoRE on the Smartthings hub

Success, I did the same for the smoke Alarm to, now the wyze cam will work with the smarthings home monitor, and as a motion detector for my lights.

Yup, IFTTT is just too slow for on commands, fine for auto off commands.
Had this running since the triggers were added to IFTTT… ONLY for off though because IFTTT sucks.

Funny I just worked through the same process with my Wyze motion sensor, then came here to see if I should share this for others and stumbled across your post.

One difference which you may find interesting. I use a single piston for both active and inactive states. Still requires two IFTTT applets because of the options Wyze provided for IFTTT events, but kept things slightly cleaner in webcore. For the variable I’m passing at the end, one IFTTT applet will use “active” and the other will use “inactive”. I love these small sensors and may pick up a few more since this is working so well!