ActionTile/Smartthing Support!

i picked up 2 to try and i am very impress with them. however, my ‘ecosystem’ of cameras are all tied together with smartthings/actiontiles. if there was only some sort of support, you guys could see a huge increase as the goto camera.


hope you guys will consider it!








Might be coming soon…

According to Engadget, a firmware update will add IFTTT support and compatibility with Amazon’s Echo Show and Echo Spot devices for looking in on your camera feeds


And Googe Home ?

probably not yet for the time being. Alexa/IFTTT first.

Any news on this?. I have four v1’s cameras and same setup as first post.

Hi R2D2! We’re still in the process of working on support for Alexa / IFTTT. We still need more work and we’re unable to confirm the release schedule yet.

I would love to see this happen. Love the wyzecam v2 so far. Keep up the good work.

+1 on the extended support especially Action Tiles!


+1 on Alexa support (It would be really nice to say"ALEXA show me the backyard" and have it turn on my fire tv to my backyard.)

+1 on Smarththings support

+1 on Action Tiles

+1 on SmartThings

So this thread is for action tiles smartthings support. I know IFTTT won’t help us as far as video feed. Will Alexa support include the show, and does that mean generic video stream (RTSP?) support?