Wyze Sense Motion Detector Request

I wish that the Wyze Sense Motion Detector notifications were as easy to set up as the cam notifications are (e.g., shortcuts). To set up the motion sensor the way I want it to work, before I leave home I need to touch the link on my main Wyze app page (on my Android), hit the gear in the upper right hand corner and manually set notifications and Sensor Videos. When I get back home I need to undo all of this so I don’t receive incessant notifications. As stated, I have made shortcuts for the cameras that preclude having to manually do this each time I leave and come back home. Is there a way, then, to automate the sensor to do this, or can the app be written to do it? Sure would be a big improvement and time-saver for me!! Otherwise, everything else is working as advertised!!

Shortcuts allow you to disable/enable ALL notifications at once.

statement is not 100% accurate from my experiences. While
shortcuts can be set up to trigger enabling/disabling all
cameras, if I do not activate any shortcuts but do activate
notifications and Sensor Videos only for my Wyze Sense motion
sensor, I will get notifications. My desire is to have the
motion sensor be able to have a shortcut, as well so that I do
not have to manually set it up for notifications every time I
leave the house. There is an update this morning on the Google
Play Store that says it has added new triggers for Wyze Sense in
Shortcuts…so perhaps…??? I will install and report back if
this is what I asked for.