Shortcuts don't work for motion sensor notify

I’ve been trying every possible combination of shortcut routine for wyze sense motion notify on/off over a three month period and it’s the only part of system that wont work with shortcuts so, i’ve gone to IFTTT’s and it works great. Shame because every other part of system does fine but I am now controlling it all with IFTTT.

I am not sure I understand what you we’re trying to accomplish. Were you using a shortcut inside the App to trigger notifications? Or were you talking about using iOS shortcuts to automate something?

I mean in WYZE app. I make a shortcut to stop motion notification and it still notifies.

And this isnt the camera I refer to it’s the wyze sense motion sensor.

I am guessing you have a defective unit. In the app it does not call them “motion” notifications, just notifications. I would suggest contacting support and opening a ticket to get the unit replaced. Contact for assistance.

It works fine constantly… I can manually turn off notification for the motion sensor but that’s a pain in the butt every day.

Just took your advice and contacted wyze support. thanks