Shortcut problem - motion detection time out

I have setup the shortcut that would turn on or turn off the motion detection but every time when time occurs I keep getting “Turn on/off motion detection - Time out”, due to which the notification also does not work. I tried few different things that I could think of but none has worked.

Any suggestion / help would be much appreciated.


I am not sure I understand your question. Are you trying to automate turning motion sensing off or on due to an event? What part is timing out, the external event or turning the motion sensing on or off?

Thanks for the reply…
I have a short cut “Away”, which has time based event that is set to turn ON the Motion sensor and notification but when event (6:00 AM) occurs, the notification turns on but motion sensor Times out (meaning it does not get enabled).
Hope I explained the problem right, if not please let me know. Thanks

I think I get it. If this is a Wyze motion sensor then remove and reinsert the battery. If that still does not resolve it try a new battery.

Last chance would be to delete and re-add the device. Sounds like the device is not powering on.

No, it is the Camera v2, only thing I have of wyze. I tried power cycling the camera but no go. If I manually turn on (enable) the Motion sensor, it works. But then it kills the point of auto on/off feature (shortcut)…

Ah, so you can turn it on via the app fine but not via a shortcut. This is puzzling. I will construct a test and get back to you.

Ok, after some experimentation I think I know what is happening. I created a shortcut that enabled motion detection and notifications. I had it triggered at a time of day in my case.

It did indeed enable both, but not quite the way I think You felt it should.

Here is a screenshot showing that Notifications are enabled.

Notice that on this screen it says motion notifications are turned off.

When you go to Event Recording you will see Detects Motion is turned on!


The difference is the first screen deals with notification settings while the second screen deals with Motion detection does that make sense?

Thanks, but my problem is when looked under Shortcut Status in Account section… don’t know how to paste the picture…

I see, that’s a different kettle of er cameras entirely. I would open a support ticket on that one.

Thanks, really appreciate all your help…

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