Feature Request - Turn Off Motion Detection on a Schedule

In the advanced settings I can turn on/off all alerts on a schedule, but what if I just want to turn off motion detection alerts. I have a period of the day when the sun shines in and any cloud that comes by causes a motion detection alert. I’ve tried tweaking the motion detection settings to prevent these false alarms, but haven’t been successful. I’d like to be able to turn off motion detection, but keep on sound detection. I’ve tried some IFTTT recipes, but those always work and it would be nice if it were built into the app. Thanks.

The current app has exactly what you’re looking for in the Shortcut section at the top of the Devices screen. You can set up a shortcut, triggered by a schedule or a button, to turn on/off motion detection for any or all cameras.

Perfect. I’ll try that. Thanks!

After setting up the scheduled shortcuts to turn on and off motion detection, unfortunately, it’s not working. In the Logs, I see under each scheduled shortcut “Execution Failed” with “Timeout”.

Things you might try:

  1. Force restart the app
  2. Reinstall the app
  3. Power cycle the camera(s) and make sure all are connecting
  4. Simplify the shortcut to one camera to test that way if not already
All else fails, file a support ticket.

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