Shortcuts never work

Hi all, I have one Wyze Cam v2 and the shortcuts/rules have never worked for me. I set up a shortcut called “Away” to turn on motion detection and then turn on notifications. When I click on the rule it flashes for a second then nothing. I go to rules history and it says it was activated successfully but even if I walk right in front of the camera I get nothing.

I also tried the rule with “unmute notifications” first but that also didn’t work.

The only other automation is that I have event recording set between 11 pm and 556 am to record anything at night which works just fine…I’ll get notification in the middle of the night when it catches my dog walking by. My firmware is up to date.

Anyone have any tips? It’s getting so frustrating! Just want it to record when I leave the house for the day so I get notified if anything happens!

Can you post a screen shot of your shortcut rule? Are you waiting untill after the 5 minute cool down after a motion trigger to test the notifications? If you have a motion trigger notification, you needs to wait 5 mins before you can receive another notification of motion from that camera. If you are “testing” in that time, nothing will happen, and it will appear that the notifs arnt working.

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Thanks for your answer. Yes I’m waiting quite a while before testing but can’t find a solution! Here’s a screenshot

Anything else I can do to help resolve this? Thanks!

Maybe delete the rule, go into settings and enable notifications, then make the shortcut rules that enables and disables motion detection. I wonder if the camera group is getting confused when it is blasted with TURNONMOTIONENABLENOTIFS… when there should be an order to things like turn in motion detection, pause, then enable notifs. Just thinking out loud.