IFTTT options unavailable; maybe use Alexa instead?

I have an applet that is working although if I go to the settings the Wyze devices show “options unavailable”. If I try to make a new applet I get the same “options unavailable” and therefore cannot make a new applet.

Can I use the Alexa integration to get around using IFTTT and have that work with SmartThings?

Please Wyze, just integrate with SmartThings and hopefully without the cloud. I am only using IFTTT because I think that is the only way I can get to ST.


People will tell you to remove the Wyze service from IFTTT and add it back again. Don’t do that. If you do, you will lose your Wyze applets.

Instead, go to the Wyze service credentials page and re-enter them. This should fix your problem.


Thanks for the info. I was very reluctant to remove the service since the one applet was working although weirdly not showing my motion sensor.

Your advice is the solution.

Thank you