IFTTT Applets not working

My IFTTT Applets aren’t working… I use the Life360 app with the IFTTT app and the Wyze app so that I don’t receive push notifications every two minutes when either my husband or I am at home… I looked at my IFTTT app to see why the Applet failed and it said “There was a problem with the Wyze service.” It says that every time my Life360-Wyze Applets are triggered… Anyone else having this problem? Know how to fix it?

I have intermittent problems with IFTTT on all the services I use. Usually, deactivating / reactivating them work. At worst I have built a few applets over before and then are working again. I have had this issue less with the few Wyze applets I use than with other ones.

I’m having issues with all IFTTT applets for Wyze. Motion Enable/Disable and Power On/Off are not working at all. This started 2-3 days ago.