IFTT actions and Wyze schedules

Quick question. If I set an IFTT say for example to disable motion detection when i arrive home, can i also set a schedule to enable it at a certain time? Lets say I always want to monitor motion detection at night, I can set up an schedule, but also want to monitor when i am not at home, even if its during daylight.

I was thinking of setting IFTT for a geographic fence, and also set the schedule. My question here is what overdrives what? If i have a schedule, does the wyze app overides IFTT even if i am home (in this case)


I’m interested in the same question: on when I (or others I’m sharing the cam with) am away, or on during scheduled time even if one of us is home.

There is a similar IFTTT which can enable motion detection when you leave a specified location.

These are simple commands. Different IFTTT actions do not inter-relate. Both your timer and geofencing commands will function when they get triggered with no regard to what some other IFTTT recipe will do. For example if you have one schedule that turns on notifications at 0800 and another schedule that turns off notifications at 1600, then pretty obviously notifications will occur between 0800 and 1600. Now add a geofence recipe that turns off notifications when you arrive at home. Let’s say you go out to the store from 1000 to 1030. When you arrive back home at 1030, the geofence trigger will turn off notifications. Make sense?


makes total sense… thanks for the feedback!!

Here is my situation- maybe you can help. I have several cams, all of which are set to record&notify when I leave home(via IFTTT geofencing). When I return I can set all or one to turn off. I set all to turn off and then execute another recipe to turn on one outside cam for front door(also via geofencing. Which one will execute first?
Ultimate goal is to return home, have all cams set to not record/notify except for the one front door cam - automatically.