Group rules

I saw something that said this can be done, but I can’t find how to do this.

We have a souther vacation house and northern real home. I have the cameras (about 15 total) in two groups, say S and N. I want to turn the cameras on and off and set notifications according to my location. I used IFTTT (and an update re-set some of my locations to be in China), but would like to be able to set by group rather than have 15 individual rules, one for each camera to go on, and another 15 to go off. The only option I can see says “all cameras” and I only want all cameras that are in that particular group.

I would also like my contact and motion sensors go into the groups and can’t see how to do that now. Right now I have a bunch of those and more coming and would love to have them turn on and off according to the S or N group.

Ideally, I would like everything in the S or N group and be able to set both to go on and off according to my location, so I would have 4 rules (on and off for S and on and off for N) that would automatically trigger by my location.

Also, I use both and iPad and iPhone, The Wyze and IFTTT accounts are used on both. How does location setting know that I am gone when my iPhone is gone but my iPad isn’t? I know my Apple account uses my phone for stuff like “find my friend”, but am not sure what IFTTT or Wyze uses. I just want to make sure it is really turning on and recording motion when I am not there. That doesn’t always seem to be the case and I am not sure why.

My cameras seem to be going on when they should be off (I am home with both devices) and so I deleted all of my IFTTTs and am trying to re-do the whole rule system.

Help! Or wish list ideas.

Thank you!

As far as I can see in my IFTTT account I can only enable motion detection for a single camera or for all cameras. It doesn’t show my camera groups in IFTTT. There is a #wishlist topic requesting built-in geofencing for multiple users; you can vote for it here:

If that feature were built-in it would also solve your issue with the motion/contact sensors. Without built-in geofencing you will unfortunately have to set up one IFTTT applet for each sensor.

Regarding IFTTT location on multiple devices, IFTTT doesn’t currently have a good way to deal with multi-user/-device locations. You could probably disable location permissions on the iPad or whichever device you don’t want to use for your location. I have multiple user geofencing set up using, but there’s a pretty steep learning curve for that configuration.