Multiple User Geofencing Geolocation (incl. Home Monitoring)

We have two people living at my house and would like to geofence so that if either/both of us is home, automatic recording and notifications are disabled. If all associated people are gone, notifications and recording are enabled.

It’s possible to do this in a really hacky way with IFTTT and Nest home/away status, but I don’t like the multiple cross-platform dependencies.

Someone else suggested this in, but I think it needs to be on a roadmap.

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It would be nice for the app to recognize when you or anyone sharing your cameras are home and turn off notifications.


since I don’t always get home at the same time I don’t use the timers for notifications but if you go to notifications then click on the settings - you can turn off push notifications so you don’t get the alert.

Yeah, I have all notifications turned off. If I remember, when we leave I turn them back on.

I second this suggestion. I have a similar one, which is to support IFTTT as that allows you to align all of your home automation gear (and anything else with an ifttt extension) to align to the same concept of ‘a family member is home’ and ‘everyone is away’.

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the notification schedule BADLY needs a weekend mode or at least set days to monitor along with time. I get tons of recordings and notifications on weekends during the hours that I am normally at work during the week.

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I was going to suggest a similar feature:

I’d really like to have a way to turn the cameras or notifications on only when the phone with the app disconnects from the Wi-Fi to which the camera is connected. That way the cameras or notifications are off when the homeowner is home (most of the time), and they come on automatically when the homeowner leave.

Wyze has a fantastic system, but I find myself disregarding the alerts/notifications because I get them constantly when I’m home. I’ve tried shutting it down when I’m home, but remembering to turn it on as I leave is a problem. The timer is only helpful for things like work when you know exactly when you’ll be away. There needs to be some way for the cameras to know when you’re home and/or away without using a timer.


@kwie2011… Until such time as Wyze implements this natively, you can presently use IFTTT to accomplish this. If you have an Android phone, you can use the IFTTT wifi trigger. If you have an iPhone, you have to use the IFTTT Location trigger, as the IFTTT app is not allowed access to the wifi network info in iOS.

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that doesn’t address that multiple user issue. Currently Wyze camera can only marry to one device

You can use Life360 combined with IFTTT for multi user geo control. More info here:


Have you tried sharing the camera with the other user?

I vote for this as well please. Would love to be able to have the cameras turn on/off and/or turn on/off notifications when home/when leaving home geolocation automatically like my thermostat does!

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Location based actions.

I support this feature request also. To be able to turn off notifications when phone is in the house and turn on notifications when phone is away from the house.


The mobile device app should integrate with the devices onboard location service. This would allow triggers for turning on or off cameras etc without having to use another two parties to do the tagging (e.g., IFTTT and Life360).

The cam should come with an auto arm feature based on the smartphone location. No notifications will be sent when the smartphone user will be in the parameters (say 150 ft) from the camera


Geofencing should not be just for alert notification but also should be for turning on and off the camera which would greatly save spaces on your SD card meaning more room for the intruders videos and would make it easier to find event in the playback section since the camera will be off when you’re at home and it won’t be recording any unnecessary footage of your home while you’re already at home protecting the home.


When I’m home, I don’t need to know that my living room is getting motion events, because I’m sitting right there.

But when I’m away from home, those same motion events would be a cause for alarm and a good reason to call police.

If you look at the ‘August Smart Lock’, it has a nifty feature where, using a combination of GPS positioning and wifi monitoring, it can tell if you are current at HOME or AWAY.

Ideally, I want my Wyze app to be able to tell when I’m HOME and use the HOME notification profile, which, in my case, disables my living room notifications.

And when I leave my house, I want my Wyze app, to be able to tell, from seeing my GPS location exiting the perimeter, that I have left my house and to automatically switch to using the AWAY profile.

Later, when I come back to my house, my Wyze app should be able to tell that I’ve come back home and automatically switch back to my HOME profile.

To support the automatic switching to the AWAY profile might require a mobile data connection. So, for those users to do not have a mobile data connection, add the ability for the user to switch manually to the AWAY profile.

Note that, even without a mobile data connection, the Wyze app should still be able to automatically switch from the AWAY profile to the HOME profile, as the GPS location will point to home and the currently active WIFI network name will match the user’s HOME wifi network name.


I vote for this too! All respectable cameras have a multiple user Geolocation feature native in their app. Shouldn’t be hard to implement. IFTTT is not sufficient: intelligent handling of multiple users does not work natively and requires adding even more extra services.

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@Loki posted this above in this thread. Maybe that would help you with you are trying to do. :slight_smile:

I think it would be valuable to have Geo fencing to disable notifications when any registered phone is present in the home or location of the cameras. If a phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network then you should have the option to disable notifications automatically

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