It would be nice if notifications can be on after you leave home

Is there any way the Wyze cams (I have several of them) can be activated only after say like I leave home… if my phone is connected to it? Just a suggestions. As it is quite annoying to get so many notifications when I am at home or at least have a checkbox to auto detect if the phone is no longer in the house. Have the Wyze poll or ping the iphone every 1/2 hour or some settings? Thanks

You might want to vote for this, also you can set a shortcut to turn all notifications off or on with one button


Welcome to the forums! You can use IFTTT and make some applets that disable notifications when you are connect to your home wifi, or use Life360 to disable them if you are in a geo circle around your house. Just examples. Manual way is to make short cuts with disable and enable so it’s just a one button push when you come or go like HDR said.

@phillipK I second this. IFTTT is a great tool to work around the constant notifications when home.