How To Turn Off When I'm Home

Is there a way I can turn off notifications while I’m at home then turn them back on when I leave? ~Thank you~

If you just want to turn off push notifications on your phone, go to the Notifications tab of the app, then tap the gear icon. There is an option to turn off push notifications there.

If you want to stop the camera(s) from recording clips to the cloud, then you would have to turn off motion/sound detection in each cameras settings.

If you are looking for any of this to happen automatically, no, there is no geofencing available in the app, at least yet.

Oh duh! Thank you so much!

Are you working on geofencing?

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If they want an example of how good geofencing works, they should look at Ooma’s home security app. It allows you to set up multiple devices and trigger one mode when the last device leaves the area and a different mode when the first device returns. The modes can have different notification settings for each sensor. It’s really done well.

I have no clue what Geofencing is!


And it can be used so that the app would automatically switch modes when it detects your phone has moved away from home, and switch back when it detects your phone has returned.


If you go into the alert settings there is an area to set an alert schedule. I think that might be your best bet for now.

If you are on Android you can do this using Tasker and Notification Listener.

In Tasker add an Event Trigger > Plugins > Notification Listener and set the following Settings:

Notification Event: Posted
Apps: com.hualai

It will force you to add a Task or create one, if you haven’t already create one and add Plugin > Notification Listener > Cancel notifications and add the following settings:

Delete criteria: By app name
Criteria: Wyze

(Can pick delete all but I didn’t)

Now go back to your original Trigger and ‘add’ an additional condition for Location. Pick your house and your good to go.

Tasker will launch the task that cancels the notification whenever you are home, you technically will still get the notification but Tasker cancels it before you even see it. Also it will still record on motion in all the instances so you can go in and view them, you just won’t get the notifications.

Works for me good enough when I’m home. Unfortunately no work around for iOS yet.


I believe you can use IFTTT to enable that.

I would like to request a feature.

It would be fantastic if there was a feature when I or anyone that I share the cameras with, the cameras stop recording automatically when we got home. Then when all of the phones have left the house, then the cameras would go back to it’s recording scheduling.

It would be great if the cameras could be grouped. Indoor, outdoor, etc. Then the rule would only apply to the indoor cameras, for example.

When we are home, to be sure the cameras are not recording, they could point to a preprogrammed area, such as a wall. The back light could could change color, flash or both.

This would be a good selling point for home security as well as hotel/air B&B. We walk into the room the cameras stop recording. We leave they turn back on. Boom, you guys are rich. LOL

Thank you for your consideration.


Why can I not turn my camera off from the app. I used to be able to last week but now it keeps saying operation failed. Thank you

^ I agree, How come we can’t turn off the cameras now? Makes them unusable for me.

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I am being told that Wyze is aware there’s an issue with ON/OFF. It may be a server problem and they are looking into it ASAP. If anyone can file a support ticket from within the app, which will forward the app and camera logs to Wyze, that will help them track it down as quickly as possible.

It would be optimal if there was a shortcut for the android desktop that could quickly toggle off until you get geofencing.

There are now shortcuts at the top of that app. You can set up a button to turn any/all cameras on or off with a single button.

You can also use IFTTT’s location feature as a geofence trigger to turn cameras on/off.

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bringing back this old thread because Ifttt has neutered their service making it 99% useless and is no longer an option to geofence wyze.

anybody have something else?