Notifications Scheduling

Currently notifications are either on or off. I would like to receive notifications when I’m away from home but not while I’m home. I would like for notifications to add a scheduler to allow days and start/stop times for notifications to be active. Geofencing would be great also. Thanks for the consideration.

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Notifications can be scheduled using the Shortcuts feature of the app. For instructions on using Shortcuts, check out the help in the Support link, top right.

Geofencing can be accomplished through IFTTT. For a single user, you can use the IFTTT app’s location trigger or if you’re on Android, the IFTTT wifi-connected trigger. For multi user geofencing, you have to integrate a tool like Life360 with IFTTT. A search for those here on the forum will yield a bunch of info.

Finally, native geofencing is something that Wyze is considering. You may want to hop over and vote for and/or comment on this: Multiple User Geofencing Geolocation (incl. Home Monitoring). Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.

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