Location Based Notifications-Rules

Hey all, new to the wyze cams, and so far I am loving them.
I have a couple questions.

I have 6 cams grouped as HOME for me, and I have my stepmom setup with 3 cams, and I shared those with me and grouped them.

How can I get set it so that I get only notifications for my HOME and not hers and mine?

I think I have tried everything.

I also tried location based notifications and that didn’t work.
I don’t know if I did it correctly but I made two that are like this.
Name- Notifications-Home
WHEN I - Enter
Location- BLAH BLAH BLAH (myhome address)
ACTIONS - HomeCam1 (turn off notifications)


Name- Notifications-Away
WHEN I - Exit
Location- BLAH BLAH BLAH (myhome address)
ACTIONS - HomeCam1 (turn on notifications)


So I would expect this to create a geofence and when I leave, alert me of notifications and when I get home, turn them off, but what it does is alert me of notifications while still at the couch at home.

As I understand it, shared cams will operate based on the settings in the owner account. If she has notifications on, notifications are sent. If she has them off - no notifications.

Since you are using Android, it is possible for you to use MacroDroid or other 3rd party app to immediately dismiss the notification upon arrival to your phone.

From your rules description, you have 2 rules conflicting when you ENTER. One off and one on. There is no rule for LEAVE.

I was copying and pasting to save time. One is Enter and One is EXIT.

Then it should work if that is your cam on your account. I don’t use the geolocation triggers anymore, so I’m not sure if they are currently working. I turned them off because they were unreliable in the past.

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Make sure to vote and add your use case to this #wishlist item, to add notifications per user.

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